Tendo module for calculating waveparameters.

This Tendo module can proces data coming from Datawell bouys. It transforms raw buoy displacement data into wave spectra. On these spectra a list of swell, seastate and full spectrum parameters (waveheight, zero up crossing frequency ..) are calculated.  Tendo is a powerfull platform for  real-time metocean applications that enables you to  store visualise and distribute these calculations.


Fast update rates

Gain time by getting faster parameter updates. 20 to 30 minutes faster response can be realized compared to bouy spectra parameters.

Sea Swell seperation

  • Seperates spectrum based on a separation frequency
  • Adjustable seperation frequency
  • Calculate parameters on the three parts ( Swell, Seastate, Full spectrum)

Calculate spectra

  • Calculate waveheight spectra from raw displacements
  • Adjustable displacements window length (10 – 40 minutes)
  • Calculate a new spectrum every 3 minutes

Timeseries analysis

  • Highest wave parameter can be is determined from the displacement data not the spectrum data



  • Part of the TENDO PLATFORM
  • Needs a TENDO licese to work
  • Can be combined with other modules

Leverage Tendo notifications

  • Configure notifications on important waveparameters
  • Example: Add geofence notification to the bouy position
  • Example: Get waveheight notifications
  • Example: Get battery status notifications

Leverage Tendo webfront

  • Share your data via your own webfront
  • Fully responsive
  • Create and organize multiple pages
  • Password protect your content if needed

Leverage Tendo visualisation options

  • Easily build graphs that meet your needs
  • Configure alphanumeric grid
  • Gauges with color indication
  • Build visulizastion ready for overhead display


Calculated parameters :

  • Dpeak : Peak wave direction
  • Dmean : Mean wave direction
  • Tz : zero-up crossing period
  • Hs : Significant wave height
  • Hmax : Highest wave in the window
  • Hs_swell : Swell Significant wave height
  • Dpeak_swell : Swell Peak wave direction
  • Dmean_swell : Swell Mean wave direction
  • Tswell : Wave period of the swell
  • Hs_sea : Significant wave height of the seastate
  • Dpeak_sea : Peak wave direction of the seastate
  • Dmean_sea : Mean wave direction of the seastate
  • Tsea : Wave period of the seastate

Buoy parameters :

  • Buoy position (if available)
  • Water temperature
  • Battery status of the buoy

Displacement window size :

  • 10 – 40 minutes

Rolling buffer parameter update rate :

  • 3.333 minutes