Waveparameter calculation and distribution processor

The Coenda processor enables you to timestamp, proces and distribute wave measurement data. Connect up to 4 buoys and distribute the calculated data over a single VHF, UHF channel or other telemetry network.


Sea Swell seperation

  • Seperates spectrum based on a separation frequency
  • Adjustable seperation frequency
  • Calculate parameters on the three parts ( Swell, Seastate, Full spectrum)

Timestamped data

  • GNSS receiver based timestamp
  • Timestamp the data at one location
  • All data receivers use the same timestamp

Low power setup

  • Low power setup enables remote installation
  • Small sturdy housing


Leverage Tendo webfront

  • Share your data via your own webfront
  • Fully responsive
  • Create and organize multiple pages
  • Password protect your content if needed

Leverage Tendo notifications

  • Configure notifications on important waveparameters
  • Example: Add geofence notification to the bouy position
  • Example: Get waveheight notifications
  • Example: Get battery status notifications

Leverage Tendo visualisation options

  • Easily build graphs that meet your needs
  • Configure alphanumeric grid
  • Gauges with color indication
  • Build visulizastion ready for overhead display


Buoymon visualisations

  • Alphanumeric data visulasation


Calculated parameters :

  • Dpeak : Peak wave direction
  • Dmean : Mean wave direction
  • Tz : zero-up crossing period
  • Hs : Significant wave height
  • Hs_swell : Swell Significant wave height
  • Dpeak_swell : Swell Peak wave direction
  • Dmean_swell : Swell Mean wave direction
  • Tswell : Wave period of the swell
  • Hs_sea : Significant wave height of the seastate
  • Dpeak_sea : Peak wave direction of the seastate
  • Dmean_sea : Mean wave direction of the seastate
  • Tsea : Wave period of the seastate

Environmental :

  • Operational temperature -20°C +50°C

Input channels :

  • 1-4 Rs232  male 6P Bulgin micro buccaneer
  • Datawell protocol
  • 9600 Baud

Output channel :

  • Rs232 male 6P Bulgin micro buccaneer Bulgin
  • 4800 Baud

GPS receiver  :

  • Rs232 female 6P Bulgin micro buccaneer Bulgin
  • 4800 Baud

Mechanical :

  • 230mm x 70mm x 75mm
  • Weight 665 gram

Power :

  • Input voltage 12VDC +-10%
  • Power consumption 1.8W